PCB Design

The PCB design process is programmed and managed by our technical staff and based on the specific requirements of every single project, the skills necessary for the development of the PCB are then decided on.

Software available with regular license

Mentor Graphics (Boardstation RE/XE, DX Designer/Expedition, DX Designer/Pads, HyperLynx SI/PI, Valor NPI, LP Wizard), Cadence (Orcad, Allegro), Zuken (System Designer, Board Designer, Visula), Altium (Altium Designer), Ansys (SIwave, Designer)


  • 2D/3D CAD libraries development, based on IPC standard
  • Components models (SPICE, IBIS) identification and validation
  • Generation of PCB simulation models (SPICE/S-parameters)
  • Stackup definition
  • Placement/routing rules definition
  • Placement and routing
  • DFM/DFA/DFT checks
  • DC power integrity analysis
  • AC power integrity analysis
  • Time-domain signal integrity simulations
  • Frequency-domain signal integrity simulations
  • Conducted and radiated emissions analysis
  • Manufacturing data generation
  • Documentation based on Link Engineering standard or customer’s specifications

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Ask us for a Quote